Our digestive system affects nearly every other function in our bodies, yet most of us pay no attention to it until a problem arises. If there is one piece of advice we should all heed, it is “listen to your gut.” Oftentimes, digestive problems are symptoms of a bigger problem and a simple change in diet or lifestyle could head disease off at the pass.

News and Studies

Want to know all that you can know about your digestive system? The digester gives you updates on all the latest news and studies done around the world. This keeps you up to date with the best knowledge out there.

Listen to Your Gut

You know the saying, “Listen to your gut.”

Well of course you do. So when in doubt and you aren’t sure what is going on, listen to your gut. Make sure you check here in case you aren’t sure what’s going on. We’ve got your back (and your gut!).

Digestive Health

Digestive health is not just how you digest your food, quite frankly, that is just the start of it. How you digest your food is key to not only weight loss, maintaining a healthy weight, and keep your gut health all that it should be.


To support good gut health, you’re going to want to make sure that you are ingesting a probiotic daily. This goes hand and hand with a digestive health and good gut health.

The Digester is here to be your one-stop-guide to all things digestive. From breaking news to the tried and true, we will cover disorders, their symptoms and most effective treatments.

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